NR MARINE offers its customers a full range of Marine Survey with extensive experience performed by the competent Surveyor- authorized by the Govt. of Bangladesh.
Survey Includes:
1. Draft Survey
2. Fuel, Ballast & Ullage Survey including tanker Cargo.
3. Damage Survey (Hull)
4. Damage Survey (Machineries)
5. ON Hire & Off Hire Survey
6. Reefer Hold & Refer Container Survey.
7. Pre-shipment Inspection
8. Dangerous Goods Survey
9. Bulk Cargo Pre-voyage inspection
10. Stability Calculation
11. Evaluation of General Condition of Ship
12. Cargo & Cargo post landing Inspection.
13. Break Bulk survey
14. Cargo Damage & Average adjustment
15. Pre-voyage Inspection of Ship
16. Container Inspection or Survey
17. Inspection of Imported and Export Goods.